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    "We tune and repair pianos so your music sounds its best"

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I've had the privilege of being a piano tuner & technician in the Northwest Florida & South Alabama area for more than thirty years. My father, Bob Pollard, learned to tune pianos from a blind man following World War II. I joined the Piano Technicians Guild and began studying piano technology after spending a few years as a musician while tuning part time. In 1991 I had the opportunity to attend a Yamaha Piano technical school in Los Angeles, and continued my training with the PTG, aspiring to pass the exams necessary to become a Registered Piano Technician. Since that time, my family and I moved to Daphne, Alabama for four years, developing many contacts in the Mobile and Eastern Shore area. We now live in Milton, Florida and are very grateful for all the churches, schools, concert venues, and individual homes who have chosen Greg Pollard & Sons to make a Joyful Noise as their Piano Tuners.

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Troy Pollard

I grew up around pianos and took lessons for 7 years. I began tuning at the age of 14, and started working with a piano dealership at 18. I continue to work alongside my family and enjoy making our clients music sound its best.


Greg Pollard

I  currently enjoy working with my son and son-in-law. It's been great seeing the new technology make our work and customer relations more streamlined

and efficient.


Colter Johnson

I grew up in Omaha Nebraska and joined the United States Navy shortly after graduating from high school. I was stationed in Pensacola for training where I met the love of my life, Aubrey (Greg's daughter). We are now happily married. After 5 years in the Navy I attended and         graduated from the prestigious        North Bennet Street School of Piano Technology. 



"Mr. Pollard has tuned and maintained all of our pianos, from uprights to our grands to our concert Steinway, for over 25 years here at Northwest FL State College and we couldn’t imagine doing business with anyone else! He is caring, communicative, and passionate about the good health of each piano, no matter the type. He knows his craft extremely well, is consistent with his quality of work, and literally every major piano soloist who has appeared with the Northwest FL Symphony has been more than pleased with Mr. Pollard’s work on our pianos. The Northwest FL Symphony Orchestra as well as Northwest FL State College highly recommends him!"

Lynne Fehrenbach


"There are piano tuners and there are piano technicians. Greg Pollard is a master piano technician. As a concert pianist and classical composer , I insist that only the best technician maintain my Kawai grand piano to the highest standard. In fact Greg Pollard is the only person I allow to work on my instrument. He has a deep understanding of piano mechanics and voices the piano to my highest satisfaction. In addition Greg is a kind, caring gentleman who is highly efficient and always on time. I most highly recommend him."

David Ott


"Colter from Greg Pollard and Sons Piano could not have been more of a professional and a joy to work with. He was on time, courteous, knowledgeable, took time to answer my questions and explain the process, and of course make our Kimball sound amazing. She has had some wear and tear but under his hands, she now sounds ready for a show! I will be using this team for future services. Thank you Colter and thank you Greg Pollard and Sons!"

Vincent Teschel



Tuning a  piano is the process of tightening and loosening strings to set the proper pitch and establish musical relationships between all notes. I learned to tune with a tuning fork, but the technology available today allows us to focus on unisons and stability by ear, while the program measures the pitch and sets the interval spacing. We use iPadMinis with Reyburn Cybertuner software installed.


We carry piano repair tools and parts for most field repairs, but refer rebuilding projects to other technicians that we trust.


We provide a complete service for grand pianos that takes all day. Every instrument is different, and it allows time to focus on the particular needs of that individual piano. Some benefit from cleaning the soundboard under the strings, most need hammer filing and voicing, and all can be improved with different aspects of regulation and lubrication.

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